Home Sleep Study in Arlington Heights, IL

Sleeping in your own bed is what most people prefer when getting a sleep study. Although, sleeping at a sleep center gives the medical doctors more information about your sleep patterns, home devices are becoming more accurate and simpler to use.

Sleep apnea is a medical condition and must be diagnosed by a certified sleep medical physician. As dentists, we must get a diagnosis from a physician before proceeding with any dental devices to treat sleep apnea. We will work with your physician or sleep physician to come up with a plan to treat your condition.

The best way to start is to have your physician send us a prescription to have your sleep apnea/snoring observed. If this is not a viable solution, we can still provide you with a home sleep study and have the results read by a local physician or one affiliated with our home sleep study device.

Sleep Study Devices

There are many home study devices on the market. We have evaluated these devices and found what we believe is the easiest to use and gives the best results. The WatchPAT from Itamar Medical is the device we choose to use. The device can be picked up in our office in Arlington Heights IL, worn while you sleep, and returned to our office the next morning. We will get the results read by a certified physician and plan the next steps to get you sleep apnea/snoring treated in a short amount of time.

Sleep Study Device

WatchPAT by Itamar Medical

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